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Cement-bound Sealings

Arex A Crystalline Sealing Slurry
ArexA-Sealing slurry is a cement-bound surface waterproofing sealing agent that seals against ground moisture and pressurized water.

Arex A Elastic Slurry
ArexA-elastic slurry is a cement-based product and the color can vary due to the raw materials used.
ArexA-Elastic slurry consists of two main components:

  • Dry mortar component on mineral basis
  • Solvent-free liquid component for mixing

Arex A Ipanex Flächendicht WF
ArexA-Flächendicht WF is a ready-mixed, quick-setting, cement-based mortar. ArexA-Flächendicht WF is the appropriate sealing agent for area-measured applications on water incursions.

Horizontal Barriers

ArexA Jektipal Horizontal Barrier
ArexA-JEKTIPAL is a low viscous liquid that consits of stabilized alkali-silicate compounds with excellent water-repellent characteristics for hydrophobic damp-proof injections in mineral building materials.

Hydrophobizing with Depth Effect

ArexA Hydro-Concrete
ArexA-HYDRO-concrete is a permanent, up to 6 cm deep penetrating waterproofing

ArexA Hydro-Brick
Hydrophobizing prevents the capillary system of concrete from water penetration in all open-pored, cement-based and mineral surfaces in- and outdoors.

ArexA Hydro-Wood
ArexA-HYDRO-Wood is a protective agent for all kind of woods against different environmental impact. It consists of modified soluble glass combined with a special catalyst.
Application for ArexA Hydro-Wood:

  • Odorless
  • Environmental friendly
  • Breathable
  • Acid resistant
  • One-layer treatment
  • Elongated durability
  • Reduced service necessity
  • Dust binding
  • Easy cleaning

ArexA PRO-Concrete
ArexA-PRO-Concrete hardens concrete surfaces and protects them from deterioration as well as chlorides and aggressive liquids. The protection is breathable, long lasting and acid resistant.

ArexA PRO-Brick
ArexA-PRO-Brick is a surface sealing and protection treatment for exposed brick areas and is used to increase the firmness of surfaces and dust binding during mechanical grinding and polishing procedures of stone floors and walls.

Polyurethanes & Acrylics

ArexA PU-B
ArexA-PU-B is a bituminous substance consisting of two-component polyurethane membrane, which are used are a hydrophobic polyurethane resin and extended chemical polymerized natural bitumen.

  • Sealing of foundations
  • Sealing of retaining walls
  • Adhesion waterproofing in bathrooms, terraces, roofs, etc.
  • Sealing of roofs with inverted insulation
  • Sealing of asphalt and bitumen felts etc.
  • Sealing of concrete loadbearing structures
  • Also used as joint filler for horizontal sealing
  • Low-movement joints and movement joints
  • Certified and certificated product

ArexA PU-T
Is a transparent sealing system with a unique transparent coating technology that is used for the main purpose of sealing balcony and terrace floors.

ArexA-ACR sheet is a white, viscous, solvent-free, one-component, water-thinnable plastic composition on the basis of pure acrylates and after drying it provides a long-term highly elastic, resistable water-resistant sealing even at low temperature.

Bonded Planks

ArexA VB
The high composite action of this special coating avoids potential leakage because of shrinkage of the concrete structure in the joint areas.


ArexA E64 Refurbishment Plaster White
ArexA-IPA E64 refurbishment plaster white is a ready-to-use, white premix dry plaster.

Cleaning Agents

ArexA Deep clean
ArexA-Deepclean is an effective alkaline Water-based cleaning agent specially developed for Concrete surfaces contaminated with grease/oil. It has a particularly good dissolving effect on oil, asphalt, fat and Road salt.

ArexA NFP-Cleaner
ArexA NFP-Cleaner was originally developed for space and aerospace technology. The primary requirement in the development of the product and its mode of action was: Highly efficient cleaning combined with the highest material protection and the best possible environmental compatibility.


ArexA Anti-Mold-Paint