Precast Walls in Polokwane

Pro Brick and Pave are proud Suppliers of Precast Walls in Polokwane

Precast Walls have been used in all types of construction, from residential to commercial and even industrial. They have great qualities; easy and fast to install, durable and versatile when it comes to looks. They also have great insulation properties.

At Pro Brick and Pave we specialize in the install and supply of Precast Walls. We supply and install separate segments, poles as well as whole walling solutions. No matter the application we have exactly what you need right here. We stock many types of stop-nonsense walling solutions in many configurations. Quality in our installations are of utmost importance as well as the quality of the segments we use in the walls.

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We supply Precast “Stop Nonsense” panels and poles as well as round and pyramid caps.

Our Precast Wall Gallery